The Next USD Stablecoin Banknote

Gemini is the second US Dollar crypto stablecoin to be integrated in banknote design. Gemini is a regulated cryptocurrency, launched by prominent crypto investors, the Winklevoss Twins. The twins feature on the front of the design.

The Next United States Dollar Stablecoin currency design.

This is a digital artwork, representing an uncut sheet of ‘Gemini Banknotes’. Gemini is the name of the US Dollar stablecoin launched by the Winklevoss Twins. This design uses Gemini as a starting point to a create a pataphysical artwork that is neither past nor present. It is an out-of-place-artifact, with the nostalgic design of US Gold certificates combined with the theme of the future of finance.

The frame design has been appropriated from existing US currency, whilst the portrait of the Winklevoss twins is made by hand, using similar techniques as genuine portrait engraving, found on banknotes. The piece intends to capture the ‘Golden Age of cryptocurrency’, filled with the same hope and promise of the Gold Rush era and the Roaring 1920s.

This artwork is currently being sold in its digital form, on the Blockchain Art Exchange.

This digital artwork is an edition of 1, unique. The purchase of this unique artwork will automatically commission the production of its physical counterpart, a double-sided print, using the same techniques as the design and production of physical currency – this includes hand engraved portraiture, ultra high resolution intaglio printing, letterpress, unique serial numbers, and ultra high resolution invisible UV lithography – hidden images that can only be seen under UV light. This artwork is a huge technical undertaking. The end product will be something that the artword, and indeed the world at large, will have never seen before.

The physical print will take months to create. It will require painstaking design, planning, and enormous attention to detail. In the end, the production quality will be beyond the techniqucal capabilities of most contemporary printmaking; the final piece will be something unique, outside of the banknote printing industry. It will be made in an edition of 5 only.

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