The Avatars of The Great Awakening

The Deplorables is a series of designs that honor popular figures who advocate principles of privacy, transparency, and truth. The notes are denominated in the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum and have been specially produced as NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens – digital assets on the blockchain with a prescribed scarcity. Accordingly, all characters features on the banknotes have some affinity with blockchain or cryptocurrency. A physical version of these series is in production, while the NFT artwork of this design will soon be available on Blockchain Art Exchange, in a limited edition of just 10.

The fourth design in the Deplorables series, featuring Anonymous, available soon exclusively on the Blockchain Art Exchange.

This fourth note to be released features a figure wearing an Anonymous mask. The face mask is a global symbol of voiceless chaos, privacy, anonymity, political upheaval and social and cyber unrest. A stylized face of Guy Fawkes, originally designed by illustrator David Lloyd, was then featured in the plot of V For Vendetta, 1982. In this version, for the first time ever, the infamous face is engraved, using the same techniques as intaglio engraving for banknotes.

Republica de los Deplorables is a fictional country; an alternate underworld where secrets are revealed and chaos thrives. The notes heavily draw on the symbolism of the frog, associated mythology, and the frog’s incarnation as Pepe. The frog, and Pepe, are symbols of chaos, change, the underworld, and the revelation of secrets.

The Venezuelan Bolivar was used as a template for the design, both as a reference to Venezuela’s intention to launch its own cryptocurrency, and as a way to reinforce the idea of a jurisdiction in disintegration.

The background features question marks, and Anonymous’ international logo; the headless suited man, with globe backdrop.

The engraving is perhaps the most advanced and technically accomplished of the Deplorables series.

The physical version of this note will be printed on authentic banknote paper and will include multiple security features, making it extremely difficult to replicate.

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