The first of its kind, The Cryptonote Book (working title) will be a searchable index of all cryptocurrency issued in cash-like form. It will list the manufacturers, circulation numbers, and the estimated collectable value of each item. The first edition is expected in 2020.

Expected for release in 2020, the Cryptonote Book will be the world’s first catalogue of cryptocurrency in physical form.

Modeled on banknote catalogues such as ‘The Banknote Book’ (above), The Cryptonote Book/Guide will aim to catalogue cryptocurrency wallets of cultural and collectable significance.

It will feature sharp color images, date of production, security features (if any), comments on design content, and as much background information as possible. Also listed would be any available price information, such as auction results.

It is hoped this book will aid the growing collector community of paper/physical cryptocurrency wallets, and offer a definitive overview of this niche where money, art and the future of finance converge.

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