About Work Contact Shop ALLEGORIES Thought Attracts This is a design for a unfinished series of promotional designs, each focusing on a different aspect of consciousness. The designs utilize iterative patterns, illustration and geometry, and were intended to be printed in intaglio and offset.Unfinished designs in intaglio and offset. Ingres Test NoteBanknotesIngres Test NoteGuendalina Test […]

Bitcoin Banknote

About Work Contact Shop THE BITCOIN BANKNOTE Full Stack Artist In thinking about the future of cash, currency and ID, I decided to blend all three – the final design is a nationally-issued plastic Bitcoin wallet, with a personalized portrait. Anything can become a Bitcoin wallet, as long as it has a sending and receiving […]

Albania Design

About Work Contact Shop ALBANIA 10,000 LEK Speculative design for a new high denomination The Bank of Albania approached me to propose a new high denomination banknote, with equivalent face value of around 90 USD. The note design is bright red, and features important aspects of Albanian culture and history, as well as holographic strips, […]


About Work Contact Shop THE BRIXTON POUND Upgrading A Local Currency The Brixton Pound was one of many local paper ‘currencies’ circulated in the UK. In reality, these were not rival currencies to the GBP, but re-branded Pounds with a one-to-one exchange rate. Though the popularity of such currencies is probably past, for a brief […]

Arabian Arctic Authority

About Work Contact Shop ARABIC ARCTIC AUTHORITY Climate Change & the Middle East The inspiration for this design came from the proposition that the Earth’s poles would eventually migrate, so that the South pole would be located at the north eastern tip of Brazil, and the North pole would move to the Indian Ocean. The […]

Union of American Republics

About Work Contact Shop UNION OF AMERICAN REPUBLICS A New US Dollar I wanted to make something that related to the pivotal 2016 US election, that could be referred back to in time. This was made in the months leading up to the election of of the 45th president. My other inspirations for this work […]

Animals & Seasons

About Work Contact Shop ANIMALS & SEASONS Limited Edition Banknotes Part of an extensive series of notes, each themes around an animal and a season – in this case, Autumn and swans, Winter and a whale. Over twenty design variations were proposed for this huge project, details from two are featured below. The designs include […]

Scotland Test Note

About Work Contact Shop CENTRAL BANK OF SCOTLAND One Hundred Pounds This busy design was part of a design challenge, to create a banknote for a new Scottish bank. The design was to be made in a modern style, with reverence Scotland’s industry.Design for a speculative £100, for a new Scottish Bank. This is a […]


About Work Contact Shop ARAGON Fantasy note for Spain This is fantasy sketch for a regional currency in Spain. It was part of development work for an Catalonian currency, inspired by the rising Independence movement there. Of course, there are no penguins native to Spain…A fantasy note for an imaginary independent region Animals & SeasonsBanknotesAnimals […]

Speculative Designs

About Work Contact Shop SPECULATIVE DESIGNS For an alternative UK currency These three designs formed the reverse of a set – a 5, 10, and 20. Each had its own theme. They formed part of a design commission for a new UK alternative/parallel currency.An alternative sovereign UK currency The notes have a similar composition to […]