Edward Snowden

About Work Contact Shop THE DEPLORABLES:EDWARD SNOWDEN The Avatars of The Great Awakening The Deplorables is a series of designs that honor popular figures who advocate principles of privacy, transparency, and truth – in particular, those associated with the revelation of secrets. The notes are denominated in the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum and have been specially […]

Avatars of The Awakening

About Work Contact Shop AVATARS OF THE GREAT AWAKENING Republica De Los Deplorables A series of designs produced initially as NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens, of which this is the first. Non-fungible Tokens are digital assets on the blockchain, and so have digital scarcity. These NFTs will be in editions of no more than 25, and […]

The CryptoNote Guide

About Work Contact Shop THE CRYPTONOTE BOOK The first of its kind, The Cryptonote Book (working title) will be a searchable index of all cryptocurrency issued in cash-like form. It will list the manufacturers, circulation numbers, and the estimated collectable value of each item. The first edition is expected in 2020.Expected for release in 2020, […]

The Shop

About Work Contact Shop THE SHOP A dedicated banknote store A dedicated store is now live. The store showcases items made exclusively in association with Independent Currencies, and will focus only on items that use security printing techniques, in design and manufacture.Visit independentcurrencies.com/store to view current items for sale. The CryptoNote GuideAnnouncementsThe CryptoNote GuideThe ShopAnnouncementsThe […]

Donald Trump

About Work Contact Shop THE TRUMP NOTE First Preview Released A rough sketch of a forthcoming banknote design, featuring President Donald Trump has been released and circulated on social media. The note is scheduled for release in July, and pays homage to the President’s first 4 years in office. The ‘Trump note’ will feature a […]

One Hundred Pounds

About Work Contact Shop ONE HUNDRED POUNDS A Speculative Design This speculative banknote was actually the first product of a long investigation into Brexit’s impact on design. The back of the note was a response to various attempts to redesign touch-points of British identity – such as the British passport and paper money. The iconic […]


About Work Contact Shop DESIGNING FOR BREXIT Investigations into Brexit’s impact on design The experience of Brexit in the UK has progressed with extreme complexity. It has revealed fundamental polarities in the UK’s culture that cannot be easily reconciled. It has been a rallying cry to British identity – an identity which remains fluid and […]

CoinRivet: Banknote Insider

About Work Contact Shop COINRIVET: BANKNOTE INSIDER Banknote ‘insider’ Tom Badley tells Coin Rivet his tale: from a ‘banknote insider’ to offering his services to help blockchain projects not just look good – but also build greater levels of trust. As the founder of Independent Currencies, Tom runs a design studio specialising in security document […]

A Brief History Of A Blockchain Artist

About Work Contact Shop Hi, my name is Tom. I’m an artist, designer, writer, and musician. My art is influenced by my experience in security document production. In other words, the designing and printing of banknotes. This experience gave me the technical understanding of banknote production, unlocking the language of money design which I use […]

Guendalina Test Note

About Work Contact Shop GUENDALINA TEST NOTE Portrait of a harp player Test note designs are used to showcase a particular feature or technology. In this case, the design challenge was to create a portrait in several layers, using line width modulation – a continuous line with variable thickness. An experiment in line-width modulation The […]