Pre-order Avatars Of The Great Awakening!

A snapshot of the zeitgeist.
An absurdist universe.
Unmatched design quality outside of the banknote industry.
A clarion call to blockchain-empowered cash.

What started as a straightforward design challenge inspired by memes and controversy surrounding the Trump presidency, grew into an unprecedented and uncategorizable series of artworks. What are these designs??

Are they functional currency? Are they avatars for banknotes? Are they monuments to the world’s unique duality? Are they precursors to crypto paper wallets? Are they art, or design? Or are they all of the above?

The homemade banknote is a well-trodden trope, especially in reference to cryptoart. It is an easy leap in imagination to see cryptocurrency hybridized as cash.

Yet, without a level of technical skill, hobbyist attempts at banknote design typically score easy wins with mockery, pastiche and satire lite.

With refined and specialized print design know-how, these designs become sincere. Having all the technical features of circulating currency, these artworks are functional: use case.

Non Fungible Tokens

Until now, these artworks have been promoted on social media and created as NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens, with a set digital scarcity. In the case of all but the first to be issued – the 0.5 ETH- these NFTs are not only digitally scarce, but each edition is uniquely serial numbered.

This adds an interesting level of rarity to the digital tokenization of art: regardless of edition number, each design in truly, visually unique.

The 0.5 ETH is available on and was released in an edition of 25. The others are being offered by the Blockchain Art Exchange, ranging from just 10 editions for the 5ETH and 0.2ETH, to 20 for the 1ETH and 15 for the 2ETH.

As banknote designs, these NFTs have been offered at their ‘face value’ – an interesting and unresolved experiment in the resale value of digital artwork.

The Next Stage: from screen to paper...

These designs have been released as digital artworks. But they were never meant to remain as a digital series.

In an unprecedented move, this experiment in art, money, value and meaning moves into its next stage: the production of physical artwork.

The notes will be created with unique back designs, and released over 2019 and 2020.


Confirmed dates and edition numbers have been set for the release. The notes will be released individually, expected over the rest of 2019 and into 2020, starting with the 0.5 ETH design...


The first NFT in the series to be released, this design will also be the first physical note to be printed. It will be made available in a very limited edition of 50 unique serial numbered notes, with only 25 available at the pre-order price of $250.

The design will be improved and modified to accommodate printing, and will also have an as-yet-unseen back design!

Those who pre-order will be the first to preview the back design before the release!

Design details:

Color – Green/Blue

Featuring: Julian Assange, Wikileaks logo, Pepe

Limited Edition: 50 in total, 25 reserved for pre-orders

Please note: the image is indicative, the final printed design will be modified to ensure a completely unique artwork.

See below for a full release schedule…


August 25th 2019: pre-order period begins.

September 8th 2019: pre-order period ends.

September 29th 2019: full details of the back design, feature specifications, and special offers - exclusively for pre-order buyers.

October 13th 2019: all notes sent out to pre-order buyers. The rest of the notes will be made available at a much higher price!

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